Who We Are

360 Solutions’ executives are production and home entertainment experts with a combined 40 years of home entertainment commercial, operations and packaging development experience.

What makes 360 Solutions particularly effective is that our executives all come from entertainment companies, so we apply a uniquely strategic approach to production that actually enhances our clients’ overall supply chain and can deliver significant cost savings year over year.

360 Solutions’ high-performance team of talented in-house designers, production artists, project managers, quality control managers and account directors deliver expertly crafted artwork and stellar customer service.

Our Values

Process Optimization
Creative Innovation
Team Empowerment

What We’re About

At 360 Solutions, our clients come first. We are about delivering the highest quality localized products in the fastest amount of time and in a way that truly reduces our clients’ workloads. We know how time consuming and disruptive it is to have to review mulitple rounds of deliveries, so we employ production practices which have resulted in almost 90% of all deliveries to be approved on the first round; and 99% of the remaining deliveries to be approved on round 2. That saves our clients a significant amount of time and allows them to focus on doing more productive activities.

Managing multiple agencies around the world can be time intensive. 360 Solutions offers a uniquely centralized model that not only reduces the amount of effort our clients have to spend on agency management, but also supports an extremely efficient supply chain. Optimizing as much of our process as possible enables us to deliver to our client’s required due dates, which saves them from costly downstream manufacturing rush charges.

Our production and project management teams are all in-house, so they become experts in understanding our clients’ objectives and requirements. Coupled with our extremely comprehensive product specs and content mangement approach, our clients can rest assured that their projects are being treated with the utmost care and handling, so that when they receive them, they are exactly what they expect.