To understand the importance of localization within the industry of gambling, we should firstly talk about the effect of localization in general terms.

Localization – translation – globalization

In fact, localization of products is an effective strategy to make those particular products – mostly digital products – diffused in a global way. When digital products are sold outside the boundaries of the manufacture’s Country, the buyers should be able to access the interface of those products, namely installation and download guidelines, and other content related to that product.

This implies the need of a translation into the language of the buyers’. Only after this step, we can define a product as “globalized” – in fact, once a product landed abroad, it is now accessible to more people from more Countries, therefore it’s going global.

Localization of lottery content

Now, as said, all digital products can be localized abroad and the gambling industry is interested in getting its many casino games and lottery games localized in the world.

Since a few decades, we all can see how quickly the localization of gambling products has been working through thousands gambling websites and platforms.     

This makes things easier for those gamblers who can’t afford a trip to the nearest casino or for those amateurs of lottery games who don’t want to waste time to go out and purchase their lottery tickets.

Online lottery in the world

Today, the online lotteries covers all possible and existing games. they are very easy to access and all players should do is to create an account on the lottery platform they chose and add a payment method to buy tickets.

Then, they can visit the page of the rules for that particular lottery game they want to play –  there are numerous lottery games and even if the basic game system is the same, there are smaller details that can vary  – and learn how to play.

Lottery is even more popular than sport betting or casino games: in fact, people feel often a little bit suspicious towards casino games, and prefer to choose a lottery game since it has a deeper connection to the tradition of a Country, it’s more like “feeling at home” when playing a lottery game!

Importance of localized lottery

The process of lottery localization for businesses implies a range of services, such as linguistic proficiency for translation in more languages, awareness of the social and cultural impact of lottery abroad, gaming expertise and marketing strategies.

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