After decades of getting enamored with the concept of going global on the wings of Web content, and dealing with the issues of globalization in general, we now find ourselves reconnecting with the local in refreshing new ways. That may seem a bit ironic as a reverse trend, however, it is part of the expected ebb and flow of living history. Humanity is stretching in so many ways, and this historical period of change and development has been considerably faster than in the past.


The Tablet Paradigm


Smart phones and tablets may seem like merely the latest gadgets for some — the mere consumers of them. But those who study technology and even sociologists or futurists remark that when you combine mobile computers with the Web and our swift Web access these days, you have a remarkable situation. That is understating it. The situation today is unprecedented, as if the human race is exploring vast new continents discovered on the same old planet earth — by simply exploring itself, the human experience.


The Web is humanity’s most profound reflective surface and space for self-exploration — as well as having social and cultural and intellectual benefits for engaged users. Add smart devices (and constant access to them, which makes anything a real tool) and the scene is set for the most rapid evolution of humanity.


At the most practical and lived level, a personal connection to the Internet and a device with powers to produce content and share it is equal to a self-structured classroom. That phenomenon, as it occurs at the collective scale of a whole society, a whole culture, a continent and even the entire world, tells the story of evolution and progression.


More than Meets the Eye


In the progressive online space, therefore, we are in the right place to challenge ourselves, to learn, to broaden our dimensions of thought. One route is to enjoy online content, and particularly games, and another route is to share and teach what each of us can.


Although popular or commercial images of the Internet highlight its entertainment value and some may assume therefore that it is shallow, actually there is unexpected value and benefits that lay waiting in all online experiences.


Online gaming is gaining more attention from diverse communities for its potential as a self-help resource as well as pure entertainment. Players of contemporary games probably are enriched more by the experience than even the games’ critics are prepared to admit. The sharpening of eye-hand coordination aside, there are other connections that these games make for their users.


Gaming for Life


Rather than just entertainment, games and their design patterns may be related more closely to survival in the coming decades. That is because the production of online real estate, you might say, is becoming a more important industry that attracts the hottest talent — the digital world is becoming a way of life.


The production of online marketing, too, is growing larger than traditional forms of advertising. More people than you might expect now inhabit careers solely focused upon the online space. The advanced casino games found through the guide site, for example, are crafted by digital artists who commonly cross over from work on animated films. These are signs that our way of life has been changed fundamentally by online experiences and the expectation of using it anytime/anywhere to better our lives.