Popularly referred to as Marvel Comics, Marvel Worldwide Inc. is a reputable publisher of comic books as well as other forms of related media. The year 2009 was the year The Walt Disney Company completed the important purchase of Marvel Entertainment, which was the worldwide parent company of Marvel. In 1961, The Fantastic Four were brought to life together with other superheroes under the direct surveillance and guidance of Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, to name just a few of the creators of these masterpieces still influencing today's video gaming scene. If you are already used to a few of the video games that are wearing the Marvel label, here is something new that might capture your attention: casino games Marvel branded, available 24/7 online!

Who's Your Favorite Marvel Hero?

Some of the most famous Marvel characters are Spider-Man, Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Daredevil, the Fantastic Four, or X-Men, to mention just a few of their biggest hits. You've seen them in blockbuster movies, their 3D versions have made crowds of people gasp, and the video game they became main characters for have made sales explode for their creators. The list of characters created by Marvel is a long one, and we are most certain there is at least one character you find most enjoyable on it. If you have also found a video game to go with it, but you feel the need for something new, here is something you have most likely not thought of: try casino games under the Marvel label! You will get to discover a whole new perspective on your heroes, each operating in their single reality (the Marvel Universe).

Get ready to discover Captain America, the Fantastic Four, Elektra and the Daredevil playing the main roles in some captivating scratchcard games, or check out the Ghost Rider or Fantastic Four based 50- line games of slots you can find on sites like acekingdom.com. The Ladbrokes fueled gaming site has dedicated a special category to games based on Marvel characters; to gain access to them, all you need to do is register as a new player and hit the Games' button, then locate the “Marvel” section and make your pick. The flash games will immediately upload on your screen and online unleash the fun in ways you have never tried before.

Will Video Gamers Enjoy Playing These Games?

Most likely, as they will bring them face to face with their favorite Marvel characters and allow them to use or build skills they never thought were in them to begin with. For those of you who are not the slightest familiar with the world of online gambling, you needn't fear about any complicated rules you will need to learn before the fun can begin. You can find the rules for each game on the site or get in touch with a professional team of customer support people who will have everything explained to you. Plus, another additional perk of this game that your regular video games does not possess is the chance to actually win money while playing – should you choose to wager real money.