It’s not a surprise that the American companies sell mostly overseas than inside the continent. It’s basically due to the fact that the European and Asiatic economies together are larger than the American one.

This has a consequence on the marketing strategies and development for American companies. They need to focus on export and for this reason more software products are being oriented towards foreign markets.

This leads to the need of getting one’s products localized.

Localization: what’s new?

If a company wants to stay in the market, it needs to be competitive and this means to localize its products. That is, digital products like software should be always delivered in the language of the end user. This will help to avoid misunderstanding situations where companies might spend their time put to court.

Localization is the first step to globalization: in a world where there are so many Countries and people speaking different languages, getting the right localization strategy is crucial to stay in the market and making business. in this business, translators who have a deep knowledge in the IT language should be always hired: glossary lists, appropriate words and translation of contents are basic in order to sell your products abroad.

What products are more often localized?

Normally, not all products need a specific localization strategy. In fact, there are things that foreign customers can sell even without to know any specific details, namely cloths or shoes or items like that.

But when it comes to sell digital products, things change a lot. In fact, software, gaming and betting products require an interface in the native language of the end user.

This may take time before to completed, but in the end it will assure a company more numerous customers.

Gambling products and localization

As said, gaming platforms and casino websites are among the most targeted products for a localization action. If you want to achieve success you should keep in mind what larger companies are doing in this industry. Look at and get inspired: Ladbrokes offers its gambling products in over 20 different languages, that means that more or less anyone on the globe can access and understand in their native language the products featured by Ladbrokes.

And, as a consequence, this leads to a globalization of the same products. In fact, today anyone can join a Ladbrokes’ website and open a personal account to play games of all kinds: Casino, Poker, Vegas, Slots, Bingo, Lottos, Sport Betting and more.

Affiliation – just another way to globalization

Globalization is the main goal of most larger companies and Ladbrokes isn’t an exception in its industry. Today, the gambling industry tries to overcome any boundaries to reach more people and become global.

Ladbrokes with its affiliate programs offers anyone in the world the chance to open a betting/gambling shop and sell the most appealing Ladbrokes’ products. Affiliates will also earn from revenue shares or from their sub-affiliates thanks to Ladbrokes and its affiliate custom-tailored plans (Revenue Share, CPA, Hybrid, Sub Affiliate).