No matter what's the theme or motif behind a party, it's going to be an epic fail unless you have the right food and music to create a relaxing or fun, engaging atmosphere. Therefore, planning a party and seeing it come together right beneath your eyes needs to imply either hours of cooking inside a heated kitchen, or getting in touch with a catering service and having the right food be delivered to your door nice and easy. No matter what your ordeurs and main dishes might be, you will need to complete them with a delicious, finger-licking dessert. And this is where the Bread Basket Cake Company is a number one, go-to venue for many people looking to throw an unforgettable event, party, wedding reception, or even an entertaining game night. Our two decades of experience recommend us as a trustworthy source of fine desserts all made with love, care, and fresh berries right out of local farms, authentic Belgian chocolate, French whipped cream, and the best liquors money can buy.

Set The Right Mood For The Party

For this, you will have to get all the supplies you are going to need such as covers, and streamers, banners, and paper cups for your drinks. Assuming you are going to watch football or play it on your Wii console, you will want to get dressed properly, wear your favorite team's jerseys and hats or hand them on the walls to set an even more pleasant mood. You can also keep your favorite soft football or poker cards around, depending on the theme of your party. Your guests will most likely be tempted to toss a ball around the house between plays or set up an ad-hoc poker table and start wagering for chips and dip. You can also think about buying face coloring paint and offer to paint your guests’ faces in their favorite football team’s colors – this will definitely make your party even more interesting.

Pick The Best Cake For Your Special Game Night Party

If you wish to keep your guests entertained but at the same time well fed, you can kill two birds with one stone and serve some amazing brain boosting foods. The fellows at Ladbrokes have a very interesting take on these foods and you are recommended to check out their brief guide on the best foods to make your thinking sharper and stay ahead when playing games, especially when wagering real money. Keeping your brain in good health and shape requires practice similar to physical training, only it can be done with the help of foods rich in nutrients that stimulate the brain functions.

Whether you are going to invite just a few friends over and play a few Wii or Xbox games, or you want to celebrate your most recent online winning, you are going to have a great time. Add the best foods with brain empowering ingredients such as wholegrains that can release energy-triggering glucose in the bloodstream and you will have some highly active party guests. You can also serve fish that is rich in omega-3 oils; add tomatoes and plenty of nuts and pumpkin seeds that will make for excellent snacks for your party. Add broccoli and avocados to your menu and let us handle your dessert needs with a mind-blowing custom design cake reflecting your style or theme of the party and everyone will be talking about your party for many weeks to come.